Welcome to Service Doctors' Forum

A Pro-People & Pro-Doctor Scientific Association of Government Service Doctors. It is a Common Platform for Doctors to Unite for Community Causes.


Due to our efforts, the doctors of SNCU, HDU, ITU were able to appear for in the WBPGMAT 2016 and were enrolled as “Trainee Reserves”.

Triumph in the legal recourse taken to uphold the democratic right of “Voluntary Retirement” to service doctors.

We were able to achieve the “25 Years Career Advancement” right for the doctors of MES also.

Permanent status for all Ad-hoc Medical Officers.

Recently in some cases of Medical College and SNCU, the liability of unexpected infant deaths was obligated upon the Doctors and Nurses providing medical services. Our constant agitations have forced the authorities to order re-investigation.

We have treated thousands of patients in makeshift relief camps after the natural calamities like floods in Kashmir, Uttarakhand flash floods, Nepal earthquake etc. in collaboration with Medical Service Centre.


Registration No: S/1L/84397 of 2011-2012