Our Mission

1. To protect the health of the people.

2. To aware patients and their relatives regarding the hospital facilities through organizing assistance centre.

3. To raise awareness level of members and all doctors, nurses, health workers, medical technicians etc. about the duties and responsibilities both in the field of service and also in the greater social perspective.

4. To organize medical and relief camps to help the people in distress and calamities.

5. To propagate & hold high the life struggles, values and teachings- of the pioneers of science & humanities into the society.

6. ‘Health is a basic right’ to propagate the concept in the society.

7. To study in depth the shortcomings and limitations of the health infrastructure of our state and different countries and place before the people in demand of proper infrastructure.

8. To establish the doctor patient relationship in the basis of mutual, respect, trust and deep feelings.

9. To publish regularly bulletins, journals, magazines etc.

10. To take appropriate actions implementation of the objects of the society.

The income and properties of the Society whatsoever declared or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the object of the Society and no portion thereof shall be paid to or divided amongst any of its members by way of profits.


Our Vision

1. Protection of service doctors’ right, people’s health and medical education.

2. Not insurance, not commodity, but right, health for all-unite.

3. Uphold the banner of medical ethics

4. Pro people, pro doctor & medical student, scientific health and medical education.

5. Proper & secured working environment for all categories of doctor.

6. Maintain scientific and internationally accepted Patient: doctor ratio and maintain proper health infrastructure in govt. set up.

7. Loopholes of the system should not be given on our shoulder.


Our Demands

1. Pending Dearness Allowance in proportion to Central Government.

2. Without appropriate infrastructure and budget allocation, patients should not be harassed in the name of “Free” treatment.

3. In the public interest the appropriate infrastructure and budget allocation should be ensured immediately so that PPP and other medical treatment and services provided by the Government, can to be “Free” in the real sense of the term.

4. Additional vacancies of doctors need to be allocated based on proper scientific studies and immediately permanent recruitment to be done for all vacant positions.

5. The doctors posted in Medical Colleges shall not be transferred or deputed in Super Specialty Hospitals by disrupting regular services of these colleges. In Super Specialty Hospitals, SNCU, CCU etc. separate set of Doctors, Nurses and Health workers shall be recruited.

6. Abiding by the Hon’ble Supreme Court verdict, the democratic right of “Voluntary Retirement” to doctors shall be restored.

7. The abridged rights of “Trainee Reserves” in recent years shall be returned. Employed candidate’s allocation of seats shall not be lowered to 190. As per guidelines pursued in previous years, it has to be 40% of total “Degree” seats and 50% of all “Diploma” seats.

8. Stop administrative terrorism.

9. Working hours for Doctor’s restricted to a maximum of 40 hours a week shall be announced.

10. All medicines to be provided by their Generic Name, free of cost on regular basis.

11.In the name of PPP and Medical Insurance, Health System shall not be handed over to businessmen.

12.In compliance with the verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court, Doctors shall not be charged with non-bailable sections for reasons related to the treatment of patients.

13. In Super Specialty Hospitals, SNCU, CCU preference of posting shall be given to those Doctors who are practicing in rural areas.

Registration No: S/1L/84397 of 2011-2012